Welp worked for two days.
And will be working for a third. Had a weekend job.

It was a lot of fun and I met a real heart throbber. Though. I think he may be gay…. Didn’t seem to understand my Latin mating dance.


He looked kinda like the lead singer for maroon 5.
Nice eye candy. But I get the sense he wasn’t as taken with me as I was in him. He has my number if he wants to chat. :)

I just spent the afternoon with my biological mother.
It wasn’t as bad as I feared. Almost pleasent…

But I can’t escape the memories of being there back in 11’
But she looks a lot better.

Look at all the badges ready to be sent!!!!

Have a funny selfie


crimsonmonsterhunterussr asked:

Hai, Maia! :D *hug*


Hey Crimson! How are you doing?


nightingale21 asked:

I'm sorry to hear about your old friend and what happened, but I am glad that you are getting better. I wish you the best. Have a fantastic day.


*is dying of menstrual cramps.*
Kill me…

I make bonds with my pillows..

Yes, I like ones like old friends and even feel safer with some, rather than others.

Inanimate objects prove to be better friends than some people….


an-immortal asked:

Is there any way I could cheer you up?


Right now. I just want everything to go back the way it was before January…


Anonymous asked:

Ouch, that sound really bad. I'm guessing he did something really bad. Though everyone makes mistakes. I'm not saying patch things up, but people all work differently. Your friend may be thinking over his actions to see if they were true and just.


Doesn’t matter. You do not write to me and tell me to fucking shut the fuck up and fuck you.
You just don’t especially from someone I trusted with some things I’ve never told anyone else.

You do not treat me like that, and when I told him my account had been deleted. Apparently he thought it was a publicity stunt, wtf?
First off. What good would that do. I lost every single follower in that. Gone poof. How would that gain me anything, if I wanted to delete posts, I could delete those posts. Not the whole damn blog.

I gave him so many chances. Forgave him every time he fucked up. The one time I fuck up, and (I kinda got a little jealous he was spending all his time with his boyfriend) I fucked up and acted a little juvenal. He called me out, but he didn’t stop there.
He starts treating me like I’m a stupid baby, I can’t understand his big words…
Then one day, we get into yet another fight. And he just up and tells me to go fuck myself.
I tell him please not to leave. But he says no. And I stop.

I’ve told him the same thing a couple of times. When I couldn’t handle it anymore, and he begged pleaded, threatened to kill himself, cried. Until I said I would stay.
Turns out I’m more of a man than him.
I asked once, for him not to leave.

Now I hold nothing but anger and contempt for him.
If he does come back. Asking for my forgiveness. I will never forgive him for what he’s done.

And for me to say this, is a stretch. I do not hold grudges.


an-immortal asked:

Ah well good luck to you


Thank you. I’m getting better everyday